Backyard Pricing


We’re in the business of breaking down barriers in accessibility to indoor play and quality fitness at our alternative fitness playground. What does that mean? It means that we want you here, regardless of your ability to pay. All of our staff are trained to discuss alternative financial options that meet your needs. Talk to us if our asking prices do not work for you at this time.



Pay what you can (standard cost listed)

Open Play & Homeschool Programs- $8/child over 2 yrs, parents are free.

Gravity Fighters/Beginner Parkour- $50/child (6 week course).

Kids Yoga- $10/ first child, $8/second child, $6/third and all subsequent children in one family. 20% off for families that have a family plan.

BYKB/Movement Exploration- $8/participant.

MOnthly unlimited - Custom

We will work with you! Let us know how much you want to participate on a monthly basis - days per week, number of people participating, and we will create a monthly recurring cost that suits your family and your budget. If you love what we are doing, you can contribute additional to help cover other folks that currently can’t pay anything. $0 to $150+ (We are moving toward this, and away from punch cards)



Family Plan

$150/month. Unlimited access for the whole family (defined as up to 2 adults and all children living in one household) to Open Play, Homeschool Programs, BYKB, and Movement Exploration.

Other perks: 20% off Kids Yoga and 10% off birthday party bookings & Parent’s Night Out.