Youth Programs

Open play & Homeschool Play


A parent supervised, unstructured 2 hours of skill building and free play with other kids on our playground. This is a great time for parents and children to connect while both practice their agility and strength on the playground! Drop-in, no reservation required.

Gravity fighters

Gravity Fighters is The Backyard's youth movement class for ages 5-9 years. Kids will be guided through playground exploration and maneuvering through the space in a more structured way while learning the basics of climbing, crawling, vaulting, hanging, jumping, swinging, etc. 6 week course, by reservation only.

beginner parkour

Youth 10-14 years (and sometimes older) are invited to experience beginner parkour, building off of the skills learned in Gravity Fighters. Sticking close to the ground, we practice the basics of safe, and efficient movement through our indoor environment. We work to equip you so that you can safely take the fun and enriching experience wherever you go. 6 week course, by reservation only.

homeschool pe

Join us for for a lively game-centered 75 minutes of fun! Our class starts and ends with free play, with a warm-up mini-game followed by our main game. We play everything from tag to red light/green light, as well as relays and other team building games. Our program is focused around youth socialization, practicing communication, following instructions, and teamwork. Your kids are sure to leave tired and smiling! RSVP recommended.


YOGA, play & Explore

Yoga games and activities, exploring movement and breath while having fun with friends! A 30 to 45 minute structured class followed by time for (parent/guardian supervised) free play and socializing. Suitable for age 3-6. Offered twice a month, check calendar for dates.
Drop-in, no reservation required.


Adult Programs

bykb [Backyard Kettlebells]

Coach led group training and instruction in the basics of kettlebells and movement. RSVP recommended.

Movement exploration

Adult Parkour

Drop in coach led group class exploring movement in various forms-balance, pushing/pulling, squat, deadlift, jumping/swinging/hanging and more. Build on the basics of effective, efficient, safe, adaptable and sustainable movement. Training for life! RSVP recommended.

Coming Soon! Please let us know if you are interested!

Special Programs