Hey. Keep your crazy [awesome] kids safe!

These are great to go over with your kiddos before you visit The Backyard, and one of our nice volunteers will probably review our top 3 safety rules with you:

Grab your grown-up when…hanging, balancing, or jumping from anything taller than you are.

Practice 3 points of contact. Have 3 parts of your body (typically hands and feet) touching whatever you’re climbing to keep you stable.

Play high speed games cautiously. Tag and other games like it are super fun, but we’ve got to stay safe. Watch out for those around you, tag lightly, and only play tag on the ground; we never tag others on equipment.

Be aware. Unless otherwise stated, The Backyard is an unsupervised play space. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and The Backyard is not responsible for any injury that may occur.

Be respectful. The Backyard is a welcoming, inclusive, and safe play space. No throwing, pushing, hitting, spitting, inappropriate language, or discrimination will be tolerated. Anyone breaking these rules will be asked to leave.

Be kind. Respect others using The Backyard. Be considerate, take turns, do not cut when “lines” form to play on certain pieces of equipment.

Be smart. Do not play outside of your ability/comfort level.

Be safe. Run and jump (or let your children run and jump) at your own discretion. Follow all rules posted around the playground.

Be considerate. Accidents happen! If you or your child has an accident (large spill, bathroom or illness accident), please notify us right away so that we can thoroughly clean and sanitize the area.