The Backyard is a 501c3 nonprofit. We are working to break down barriers in accessibility to indoor play and quality fitness at our alternative fitness playground. The Backyard founders are committed to community and sustainable fitness and are certified trainers through StrongFirst and MovNat.


Our story:

We started our fitness journey like many do: out of shape and wanting change. At the time, we had 2 boys, 2 yrs old and 3 months old, and were drawn to the idea of working out in a capacity that allowed children to be present. As we grew in strength and health, we bonded and brought healthier habits into our home life. We began to realize the value of being strong and healthy, as parents, as employees, and more generally as able-bodied members of our community. Being active as a couple bonded us to each other like we hadn't experienced in years! It also created new avenues for bonding with our kids. We noticed that as we tried to pull friends and family into fitness, there were financial barriers in committing to a healthier lifestyle, which had us looking for ways to remove that obstacle. Fast forward 5 years to our expanded family of three wonderfully crazy, active boys, and our need for affordable indoor active space is at an all time high. Our kids don't just want to sit on the sidelines while mom and dad get fit anymore, they want to engage with us and play as a family! That is how the concept of The Backyard was born; an alternative fitness playground making indoor play and quality fitness available for all people. We hope you join our Backyard family and come play with us!



Our Mission

The Backyard exists to make indoor play and quality fitness available to all people. All of our programs, merchandise, or space rentals go directly toward funding our mission.

The Backyard is a family place. My husband and I are working out together and love getting stronger together. Our children are staying active, gaining strength and confidence, and building relationships with the kids they play (exercise) with. I get to workout (have me time), where my kids can see me, and I can see them. Family, friendship, and fitness are becoming joyful habits here.”
— Joy Holton, Clinton resident